Sunday, December 1, 2013

Travels: Relaxing in Hoi An, Vietnam

Back on track with long overdue vacation posts...

After eating our way through Ho Chi Minh City, we popped over to a sleepy little beach town on the east coast of Vietnam, called Hoi An. (not to be confused with Hanoi...)

Hoi An was named a World Heritage UNESCO site due to its preservation as an example of a South-East Asian trading port. You can still see the mingling of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architecture in the alleyways or homes, pagodas and temples. Supposedly, it’s through Hoi An that Christianity entered Vietnam in the 1600s.

I'd like to split up the town into 3 areas: the little harbor and surrounding shops & restaurants, the inner fields where the locals and farmers live & work, plus the beachfront, where we stayed.

Here, we took some time to relax on the beach and by the pool, enjoy a couple bike rides through the fields and explore the little town center. 

loving our pool & beach-side locale

this is what happens where there are hats to play with but your hubby is working...

 Fishing boats on the beach (you may have noticed this shot also on :P )

Hard at work

Hoi An harbor at night

eatin' noodles and sellin' wishes

Hoi An Harbor

the prep before they set out

i love a good bike against a wall pic

this little store was great. it's a fair trade shop selling handicrafts made by disabled  employees. we also got to go back and meet the people who made our purchases. :)

biking through the fields & town

Found the perfect wine bar to cap off the town!

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  1. I know Matt is sad he doesn't have a new hat. Hee Hee